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Weaving cloth can be used for luggage inside lining

Date:2013-6-3From: Author:admin Click:8697 Frequency

 Everyone thought that the inside lining bags belong to the production range of textile industry. In fact, Yonglixin Garment Accessory Company not only can do it, but also its quality is good.

     In particular, side hanging bag of some white-collar office workers whose bag with significant high-grade, if the inside lining is easy drawnwork, broken, then it is apple of sodom.

    As a consumer, it is the truth that you will not use these things, and the manufacturer should pay attention to the quality and the sales is naturally good.


    Let me introduce the production of bags in Yonglixin, first of all, pattern can be varied, but the most important things are  to be recycled and its colors are mainly simple, width can be done about 90cm.

  Width, length infinite loop, is a popular choice for producing bag. the produced products will not wrinkle up, shrink, feel good, beautiful and significant high-grade,


   There are some commonly lining cloth like wool lining ,hemp lining,cloth lining described below:

(1) Wool lining type material with stiff feeling, good elasticity, used for high-grade fabric lining.

(2) Hemp lining type material with good elasticity, moderate stiffness, is suitable for Chinese tunic suit, suit.

(3) Cloth lining type material is a general clothing interlining with smooth surface, thick feeling, soft texture, there is a certain crisp and elasticity.

(4) Chemical lining lining with no shrink, color, degumming, infiltration material, adhesive fastness, washing resistance. Feel light, soft, plump, flexible, and versatile.


   More style of weaving cloth in Yonglixin Garment Accessory Co., Ltd., please call us by 020-84651222 or by QQ: 2682888378, your satisfaction is our goal!


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