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Garment trademark:small clothing tag

Date:2013-7-4From: Author:admin Click:10301 Frequency
 Garment tag, clothing label products is not only one of the garment accessories but also part of the brand clothing, the fierce competition of brand makes it previously ignored, why it gradually being important, the reason is that hangtag endorse brand characteristics, recogn the effective carrier of brand. In order to ensure product quality and brand image. LYCRA, TENCEL, MODAL and other new famous fiber have marked " a foot" in garment tag, And clothing’s characterization such as wool label and environmental label etc, is to meet a certain standard marked on the surface shake and the production,  with the improvement of peoples I comforting,safety and functionality in wearing, the content of clothing tag will be increasing. Of course, it also contains  instructions, guidance function, such as composition, washing instructions.


    Tag production, Medium according to paper, plastic, metal; Shape according to rectangle, folded shape, circular, triangular, pocket type and other special shape; Function according to the ordinary type, bar code and holographic anti-counterfeiting type, etc.


    Garment tag is small, but it is a link of consumer awareness, recognizition and clothing accepting and an integral part of modern fashion. It has a positive role in improving and protecting clothing enterprise reputation, product promotion. Today the details reflect everything, if you ignore this little clothing label, the loss may not only the immediate.

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