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Ribbon knowledge:what is tape?

Date:2013-7-5From: Author:admin Click:10479 Frequency

Ribbon refers to all kinds of yarn as raw materials to produce narrow or tubular fabric. With a wide variety of fabrics, widely used in various industries, shoes, bags, clothing industry, agriculture, military, transportation etc..


What is the tape?


There are two kinds of traditional ribbons, mesh-ribbon and rope ribbon. Ribbon is vertically woven by warp and weft. Rope is also called cursory belt, which is regularly cross-woven back and forth by yarns of different numbers from different directions.


Traditional ribbon is a plane, and the rope is combined with planar and three-dimensional, According to 6 elements such as material, technology, color, graphic, three-dimensional modeling, three-dimensional plane combinationit, it can break through the traditional process. With random changes in the inexhaustible, breaking through the traditional ribbon only attention level, or only focus on the three-dimensional modeling limitations, to three-dimensional plane cross combination of creativity, enrich, extend clothing personalized creative space. To weave into a ribbon products of new technology, the new string combination modelling are leading trend the ribbon development.


The value of tape


With the people’s pursuit of high-quality clothingworship of fashion trends, many top garment with fine accessories to enhance the brand value. Fine accessories bring revolution development for clothing. Clothing innovation depend on fabric innovation which often leads to high cost, long cycle, ineffective. And innovative accessories are more able to reflect personalized clothing. When all the brand to create personalized style, ribbon as their first choice in personalized style accessories.


Therefore, Zimu rope has a great contribution.according to the cost, style, brand, value, function application. With unique style, change elements are a breakthrough decorative function of the traditional ribbon, clothing style and function blend seamlessly with the soul of the brand, Zimu rope becomes more sophisticated accessories by designers, gradually leading development trend.


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